Fitz's Atlas 2 is a 200 page, pocket-sized ring binder including more than 190 illustrations to provide the most comprehensive visual guide to Coating and Surface Defects.

Each section has been compiled by Coating Specialists who understand Paint Coatings and their Application and as such will provide a useful pictorial reference to all who use and encounter Paint Coatings, their Defects and Failures. The Atlas is a 4¾" x 7¼" 250 page ring binder with detailed illustrations.

Fitz's Atlas 2 covers 93 categories and contains a total of 237 high definition photographs, which cover Welding Faults, Surface Conditions, Coating Defects, Microscopy and Marine Fouling. Each defect generally contains several examples to give the applicator or inspector a thorough understanding of the coating failure. Select the categories listed here to get further details

World Leading Reference

Since its first publication in 1996, FitzAtlas has grown to become the market leading guide for Coating Defects. Created by Coating Experts, it provides invaluable examples to help Coating Applicators and Inspectors to identify and fix coating issues.

High Quality Examples

Ranging from Coating Defects, Microscopy, and Welding Faults, FitzAtlas provides hundreds of high quality images to assist with the identification of coating defects

Cause, Prevention, Repair

Once the Applicator or Inspector has identified the Defect correctly, FitzAtlas provides probable causes, tips for future prevention of defects, and suggests steps to repair the defect

Our Customers Say

"I find the Fitz's Atlas 2 App very straight forward an easy to use and it contains a wealth of information for quick reference from my iPhone and pad, the images are as clear as day and the microscopy and videos will be very helpful to me when I revise for my level 2 exams. Quite simply a truly amazing App for people in the coatings industry and would recommended to all in the industry"

"A great handbook for the coatings industry. A book which has long been waiting for and is an obvious standard to the coatings industry"