The Fitz's Atlas App makes finding information easy, with its search functions and image gallery. The Fitz's Atlas App is available in a number of languages is a method of assessing and reviewing coating defects in an electronic format. The App has a unique video section for certain coating defects which allow the user to see a coating defect develop.

Sections available for CoatingDefects, Microscopy, Vehicle Defects, Galvanising Defects as well as a full Image Gallery.

Each section has a searchable listing with thumbnail image

Each list item then has a full details of the defect including information on what may have caused the defect and how to rectify it

Each defect will have one or more images to help identify it

Some defects also have time-lapse videos to accompany them

In the settings screen you can select to use "Offline Mode" so that the app can be used in intrinsically safe locations with all data downloaded to your device