Various types of animal and plant marine fouling organisms are described, classified and illustrated with photographic examplaes. Photographs of ships are also included to show the apperance of self polishing antifouling coatings after some time in service.

  • Barnacles - Acorn
  • Barnacles - Gooseneck
  • Ectocarpus (brown algae - grass)
  • Ectocarpus and Enteromorpha
  • Enteromorpha (green grass)
  • Hydroid - Tubularia
  • Molluscs
  • Molluscs and Acorn Barnacles
  • Polishing of Antifouling coatings
  • Polyzoa
  • Rhodophycea (red algae)
  • Tubeworms
  • Turnicate - sea squirt



Small Scattered Acorn Barnacles

Gooseneck Barnacles