Authors and Contributors

Brendan Fitzsimons

Brendan Fitzsimons photograph

Brendan Fitzsimons is the author of the original Fitz’s Atlas as well as the Fitz’s Atlas 2. 

He has been in the Protective Coatings Industry for over 25 years, working at Director level for Inspection and Consulting Engineers, Paint manufacturers, major oil and gas suppliers and International Coating Contractors working in the marine, offshore and infrastructure industries.

Brendan has a Masters Degree in Materials Engineering and is a Chartered Scientist. Brendan is NACE Protective Coatings Specialist, NACE Corrosion Specialist and a NACE Coating Inspector and Peer Reviewer. 

Brendan is also a Fellow Member of the Institute of Corrosion.

Trevor Parry

Trevor Parry photograph

Trevor has over forty years experience in the Protective Coatings Industry and principally involved in the evaluation of Paint Coatings, their modes and mechanisms of failure, cause and extent of breakdown and recommendations for their remedial treatment.

He is the UK appointed expert to International Standards Organisation committees and numerous involvements as Expert Witness in High Court, Arbitration and Mediation on the subject of paint coatings. Presentation and publication of papers on the performance of Cargo Hold Coatings and the Absorption/Desorption characteristics of Cargo Tank Linings.

Trevor is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Chemist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a professional member of the Institute of Corrosion and a member of NACE.

Previous Collaborations

Brendan and Trevor previous collaborations

Brendan and Trevor have worked together in a professional capacity on numerous occasions

In addition to co-authoring Fitz Atlas, they are also co-authors of the following publications:

  • A chapter entitled “Paint and Coating Failures and Defects” in the new edition of “Corrosion by L Shreir” published in December 2009.
  • ASM Handbook – Volume 5B, Protective Organic Coatings.
  • Materials Science and Materials Engineering - Paint and Coating Failures

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